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Young corporal says soldier bathes her in sand and water because of small chops


She also says the officer told her she was a dirty slut who hadn’t washed her cheap bra for three months, among other derogatory comments and insults.

“This thing started the day we went to Eburutu for a drilling competition organized by the brigade commander,” Fidelia tells CrossRiverWatch.

“I was among those who opened. So when we got there in the morning, I saw one of my captain friends. He was my friend because we play the game ‘Ayo’ together and I always beat him.

“So when I saw him, I patted him and said ‘ah, you’re even here before the ushers.’ So we laughed.

“Only for Lieutenant Anele to scream at me that I shouldn’t touch an officer in uniform. So after berating myself, I returned to my position and stood there.

“Another officer came over and offered me a handshake. I told him they said we shouldn’t hug an officer in uniform.

“All of a sudden they started sharing little chops. This lady Anele was in charge of the little chops. So I shared it with the guests and some of the officers.

“A major caught my eye and told me he mistakenly poured his chops on the floor and I had to change it for him.

“I told him the chops are over and the ones he sees are for the referees. But he insisted.

“Not knowing what to do, I went back to see Lady Anele to explain to her that this major insisted that I change her little chops.”

“So she started insulting me, saying I’m foolish. Wasn’t that there when she told me that the reservation is for the referees? Before that, she gave me a plate of chops, that whenever we are hungry we should eat it. She now ordered me to go and change it and bring it.

“She said I had no sense. I quickly went to change it for him.

“So after the event, she called me and started cursing me again.

“Angry, I went to the other side of the barracks where I met an officer. The officer saw that I looked desperate. So he asked me what was going on.

“So I explained to him that the way some officers talk to bodies here, I don’t like that”, said Fidelia.

Fidelia adds that on July 28, Lieutenant Anele summoned her and other commanders and told them that they had been summoned because of the little chop incident; and that Fidelia had told her colleague that if it had not been for Anela’s military uniform, she could not speak to him (Fidelia) outside the barracks.

According to Fidelia, the soldier then told her to go and dress in her NYSC outfit. When she got to her room, she found out that she was having her period, so she had to clean up and take a shower.

Another procession was asked to pick up Fidelia. This corper came back to tell Anele that Fidelia was swimming.

Anele got even more furious and stormed Fidelia’s room to ask her why she was bathing rather than responding to her summons.

Afterward, Anele started explaining to other corpers how you can’t compare Madonna University (where the Army officer graduated) and Lagos University, how a strain of her hair can buy Fidelia and how Fidelia is such a low life.

Other members of the youth body were then asked to fetch water and sand; and the bathing and dehumanization as captured in the viral video has begun.

According to some reports, Lieutenant Anele was transferred to another division, instead of being subject to disciplinary measures by the army high command.

The army had announced that Lieutenant Anele had been sanctioned in the meantime and would be put on trial in accordance with the current provisions of the Armed Forces Act.

You can watch Fidelia’s interview with CrossRiverWatch below: