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Zanu-PF sets the tone for nation’s prosperity


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The just concluded 19th Annual National People’s Conference of Zanu-PF set the tone and direction the country will take to achieve Vision 2030 of becoming an upper middle income economy, with everything now in place. to make this goal a reality.

The resolutions adopted at the conference will guide the party, the government and also meet the needs of the people.
Last week in Bindura, the Revolutionary Party held a successful conference that resulted in resolutions that become the verses and chapters guiding the party’s operations, programs and goals for the future.

Previously, the party was guided by the 18th Annual National People’s Conference held in Goromonzi in 2019, with over 80% of that conference’s resolutions implemented.

At the official opening of the 19th Annual National People’s Conference in Bindura, Zanu-PF President and First Secretary Cde Mnangagwa said the party should stay in tune with the expectations of all its members. and even the country as a whole.

President Mnangagwa stipulated that the party has a sacred obligation to stay genuinely connected to the people by articulating and implementing policies that meet their aspirations.

“The people of our great homeland deserve to live a better life and achieving this should always be the focus of all party efforts,” he said.

“This must be guaranteed now, with adequate preparations and mobilization for a thunderous victory for Zanu-PF in the harmonized general elections of 2023.

“The conference has a cardinal duty to assess and take stock of the extent to which the party and government have implemented the resolutions of the 18th Annual People’s Conference which took place in 2019 in East Mashonaland.”

Speaking at a press briefing shortly after the conference, Zanu-PF’s acting secretary for information and publicity, Dr Mike Bimha, said the inaugural joint conference held both physically with a few delegates on hand and virtually with most of the supporters of their provinces, laid the map that the party will follow.

Members of the Politburo and selected members of the Central Committee were present at the main conference venue in Bindura, while provincial delegates attended the conference virtually in their respective regions.

“We are all happy that the deliberations went smoothly,” Cde Bimha said. “We were able to communicate with our comrades in the 10 provinces and they were also able to communicate, resolutions were adopted, motions were adopted and supported by the provinces.”

Dr Bimha further stated that there was participation from everyone, regardless of the distance involved.

“We had resolutions that came from the provinces before the conference started,” he said. “We had presentations from various ministers and Politburo members covering the state of the economy, agriculture, social services and the state of the party, among others.”

The full draft of the resolutions will be published by the Department of Legal Affairs headed by Cde Paul Mangwana, who is the party’s secretary for legal affairs.

The conference, said Dr Bimha, appreciated the President’s emphasis on the need for managers and everyone to embrace patriotism and the values ​​of hard and honest work.

The conference confirmed and reiterated President Mnangagwa’s call that the land reform program was irreversible and that all who owned land had a sacred responsibility to produce for the nation.

Zanu-PF, said Dr Bimha, is the only party of choice and the only party with a tangible and solid vision for the future.

Dr Bimha said all party leaders and members have an obligation to abide by party rules and avoid all forms of indiscipline and violence as a means of resolving contradictions, saying tough measures will be taken. against offenders.

“The conference also resolved that corruption, abuse of power and all other associated vices have no place in Zanu-PF,” Cde Bimha said.

“Those who are involved will carry their cross without fear or favor. “

Dr Bimha said the conference decided that Zanu-PF is the national shield of revolution and national interest, as such it should be ready to defend the nation at all times and be vigilant to do so. in the face of any contrary movement from its detractors.

“The party and all its departments must now come together and oil their engines as we move towards a harmonized 2023 elections where Zanu-PF should bury the contenders, those of the opposition,” he said.

The conference was informed that party organs are now activated to galvanize support for the party ahead of the 2023 harmonized elections.

Among other matters, the conference reinforced, reiterated and approved the resolutions of the 2018 Annual People’s Conference held in Esigodini, South Matabeleland, and the resolutions of the 2019 conference held in Mashonaland East and that President Mnangagwa is the sole presidential candidate. for 2023. harmonized elections.

The interim provincial executive structures of Harare and Bulawayo were instructed to continue carrying out their duties until the party was ready to hold elections for the provincial executives.

Regarding the state of the party, the conference decided that the party organize primary elections on the basis of credible party records.

The conference also decided that the party maintains the spirit of unity and imposes various dissuasive sanctions on perpetrators of regionalism, tribalism, corruption, factionalism, sexism and similar vices who seek the selfish advancement of individuals and organizations. group interests at the expense of the party.

Regarding the granting of hero status, the conference decided that the criteria for granting hero status be disseminated to all party structures.

Some of the resolutions passed are that the party order the government to speed up the implementation of the 20 percent quarterly allocation for land and all other sectors of the economy to veterans of the liberation struggle.

“The party orders the government to equip young people, women, people with disabilities and veterans of the liberation struggle with capacities in business management and vocational training before the granting of empowerment loans.

“The party ordered the government to speed up the implementation of the National Youth Service program,” said Dr Bimha.

Regarding the state of the economy, Dr Bimha said the party has ordered the government to step up the implementation of inclusive agriculture support programs that improve self-reliance at the household level, such as Pfumvudza program.

The government, he said, should promote, facilitate and encourage the local manufacture of industrial equipment, agricultural tools, agricultural machinery as well as motor vehicles.

Dr Bimha said the party called on the government to promote the production and consumption of cereals and traditional foods.

On social services, poverty eradication and work, Dr Bimha said the party has called on the government to step up revitalization of industries and major economic catalysts with the aim of increasing income generation, job creation and general improvement of the socio-economic conditions of citizens.

The party, he said, was now at an advanced stage of creating its own internal voters list through data capture and subsequent computerization to ensure that there will be no problems during internal party elections.

Voters lists, Dr Bimha said, should be very clear and simple.

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